About Me

I am a graduate student at Boston University earning my Masters of Science in Science Journalism. My background is in field biology and science communication and my interests include any science, technology, or idea that has the potential to shake the foundations of humanity. Topics I have covered include Artificial Intelligence, Space Travel, Climate Science, Lab-Grown Meat, Brain-Machine Interfaces, Human Longevity, Nutrition, the Psychology of Human-Machine Interactions, and many more.

I have worked in futurist think tanks, radio studios, on sea-snail farms, and among high-alpine rivers, but have focused in on multidisciplinary research and storytelling as the path forward in my career. I believe that in order for the benefits of science to be felt maximally, it must be communicated effectively and powerfully to policymakers, economic leaders, and of course the public at large. I aim to be both a communicator that spreads the good word of science and a researcher helping tackle problems and solutions of the science and technology of tomorrow. You cannot have one without the other.

My hobbies include surfing, backcountry snowboarding, music, DnD, cooking, and bonsai. I have debated the future of entertainment with Chinese billionaires in Silicon Valley and Honda combustion engines with Vietnamese villagers. I have been to somewhere north of 25 countries and 5 continents, spent 9 months traveling alone in Asia, and have slept under the stars on nothing more than a towel more times than I can count. I have explored the dark corners of international cities and stood on top of 14,000-foot snow-covered peaks in California. I have seen much of the world and the people who live in it, and I have sought to understand how the hell it all works fits together. It’s a magical world (Hobbes, ol‘ buddy,) let’s go exploring!

Morning High Tide, San Francisco, CA

By Daniel Merino